Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Recognizing the importance of personal information protection, Sugahara Glassworks Inc. ("Sugahara") shall endeavor to protect personal information pursuant to the following policy.

1. Protecting personal information

All employees of Sugahara recognize the importance of personal information protection, and shall establish, enforce, maintain, and continuously improve the rules for personal information protection.

2. Ensuring accuracy and safety of personal information

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, Sugahara shall strive to maintain personal information in an accurate and timely manner, and shall implement reasonable safety measures for preventing unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, or other damage to personal information.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information protection

Sugahara shall comply with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, and with rules, guidelines, and other standards established by administrative and other bodies.

Privacy Policy

In relation to the personal information of customers, Sugahara is committed to compliance with laws, regulations, and other rules related to the protection of personal information, and to handling information appropriately in accordance with the following.

1. Managing personal information

To prevent the leakage, loss, destruction, or other damage to personal information, Sugahara shall comply with laws, regulations, guidelines, and Sugahara's rules, implement appropriate safety management measures, and strive to protect the personal information in its possession. Sugahara shall also educate its staff on the proper handling of personal information, and shall monitor the handling with care.

2. Acquisition of personal information and purposes of use

When acquiring customers' personal information, Sugahara shall do so through appropriate means.
Sugahara shall use personal information for the following purposes of use.
■For confirmation of the purchase and delivery of products to customers
■For confirmation of applications to Mini School classes and to deliver information on same
■For confirmation of applications to the email distribution service and for sending email

Sugahara may acquire or use personal information in a scope outside the above purposes of use, and without prior consent, when mandated to do so by laws and regulations, when necessary to protect the life, physical wellbeing or property of persons, and when necessary to cooperate with governmental institutions, etc.

3. Disclosing personal information to third persons

Sugahara shall not disclose personal information to any third person, except in the following cases:
(1) When the prior consent of the customer has been obtained
(2) When necessary to protect the life, physical wellbeing, or property of persons and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
(3) When required to disclose the information by national government organizations, local public bodies, or their agents
(4) When Sugahara is disclosing information for the purposes of merger, corporate separation, transfer of operation, etc

4. Revision of Privacy Policy

Sugahara may revise the Privacy Policy to reflect changes to laws and regulations.